Sunday Nwodo – Преподаватель английского языка

I have diploma in English language, and I am looking forward to studying mass communication in future. I was issued diploma certificate in 2016.
and I have taught English to teenagers and as well adults back there in my country for almost two years.

I came to Kazakhstan in 2018 and continued teaching up till date.

Needless to say, I have experience in this field, and I love doing it because of the positive result students I have taught and the ones I am still teaching exhibit.

My encouragement words to all English learners are to stay focused, determined and be curious because information is power with these you will outlast any challenges in learning English language.

Finally, my emphasis as ESL teacher is the growth of the learners.

19 апреля, 2021


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Сеть языковых школ Language Training Center была основана в 2012 году. Мы предоставляем профессиональные курсы английского языка для всех уровней. Наше преимущество – коммуникативная методика с иностранными преподавателями.