Augustine Patrick-N – Преподаватель английского языка

I am a language CLIL trainer and ESOL consultant to a number of language schools in Kazakhstan. I received my MA with distinction in Educational Leadership and Management from Eton University, Manchester, UK. I received my TESOL certification in 2013.I have over 10 years lecturing/teaching experience as an ESL instructor, teaching methodology trainer and lecturer.

I am extensively provided curriculum development for schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Tajikistan and English for specific purposes (ESP) courses (e.g., English for banking/finances, Law, Engineering, ICT/Medical) to university and college students. In January 2014, I moved to Kazakhstan and worked as a lecturer at International IT University (IITU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I possesses as an extraordinary personality, and I am a talented teacher educator with a high level of organizational culture and dedication to advancing the frontiers of education for all. Being an experienced educator. an excellent knowledge of my subject. Born to a Jamaican parent, I am currently living and working in Astana/Nur-Sultan at LTC Language School, which is a reputable language school in Kazakhstan.

5 мая, 2021


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